6 Ways to Cope When You Are Depressed

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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Major Depressive Disorder affects more than 16.1 million American adults and Persistent Depressive Disorder (a form of depression) affects approximately 3.3 million . It is a serious problem that requires an effective strategy. Here are 6 proven ways that will help you cope when you are depressed. [...]

How To Deal With The Aftermath of a Divorce

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No matter what, divorce, separation, breakups affect all parties involved. And If you have children it’s even harder since you will probably need to be involved with that person for a long time to come. Hopefully for the sake of the child, children, or grandchildren you can work things out amicably and part ways without leaving [...]

6 Ways to Cope When Depressed

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Depression can take many forms. Some depression is persistent and chemical; some can be episodic, triggered by specific life events. Depressive moods might cause you to: feel helpless, hopeless, and sad have trouble concentrating and staying in the moment have difficulty making decisions have difficulty facing your fears and meeting their goals have a challenging time [...]