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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a support group? 2017-12-28T13:51:36-08:00

Support groups traditionally have provided a common place for people with shared experiences, issues, and illnesses to help one another.

What are online support groups? 2018-01-14T08:25:07-08:00

Group video conferencing and chat technologies offer the opportunity for everyone to participate in live/ongoing support group sessions, at a place that works best for them.

How does aGroupforME help me? 2018-01-15T09:46:03-08:00
  1. Provides the right place for you to share your issues and concerns from a place that works best for you.
  2. Online support groups offer you the opportunity to feel less alone and more connected to others. Other advantages are gaining better ways to manage, cope, and handle life challenges and difficulties.
  3. Allows you to vent with others going through or experiencing the same issues and concerns.
  4. Lets you gather and share information and resources.
  5. Teaches you coping and management skills.
  6. Reduces the anxieties and depression associated with stressors during challenging times.
  7. Increases well-being and overall quality of life.
  8. Helps those that are homebound, live in remote areas, or just can’t find the time or support group that is right for them.
Is the service of aGroupForME secure, and is my privacy protected? 2017-12-28T13:58:36-08:00

Yes. Your privacy is very important to us. We utilize software designed by companies that meet the best standards and procedures.

How much does it cost? 2017-12-28T13:59:42-08:00

There is no cost at this time.

Do I need to use my real name? 2017-12-28T14:01:18-08:00

Your privacy is very important to us. You need to provide your real name and a valid email address to sign up, register, and be placed in a support group. However, we encourage you to use a screen name (nickname). We discourage anyone using our services (online support groups) from using or sharing their full name, contact information, email address, and any other information that might cause concerns and issues for your privacy and security.

Can others see my contact information (i.e. name, address)? 2017-12-28T14:02:11-08:00

We don’t share your contact information with other members or any third party. Your information is only collected for registration and placement in your chosen support group types.

How does the membership work? 2017-12-28T14:02:43-08:00

Once you sign up and register, you will be assigned to your support group. You can join just one or as many groups as you need. At anytime, you can leave your group(s) or cancel your membership.

How do online support groups differ than in person support groups? 2017-12-28T14:04:07-08:00

The support groups offered by aGroupForME are the same as in-person support group meetings, except they are online.

Does insurance pay for online support groups? 2017-12-28T14:05:34-08:00

Some insurance companies pay for certain types of support group therapies (nutrition, addiction, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, etc.) You need to check benefits with your insurance company. For now, the support groups are offered at no cost to you (free).

Can I try a group once? 2017-12-04T15:50:19-08:00

Yes. We want to make sure everyone is happy in the support group they have joined.

How long do the support groups go on for? 2017-12-28T14:06:52-08:00

aGroupForME support groups are ongoing. You can be in a group for as long as you would like, depending on your group choice and type of group.

How many different groups can I join? 2017-11-14T18:46:56-08:00

You can join as many support groups as you want.

Will I be able to change groups? 2018-01-15T09:37:10-08:00

You can change groups at any time. We strive to create the best group experience for all members. This means:

  1. All members and moderators are the right fit for the group.
  2. All members are following the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.
  3. Group conversation stays on topic.
How are the Moderators qualified? 2017-12-31T14:45:42-08:00

Moderators are individually vetted to make sure they have the required education, training, and experience in the care of healthcare and wellness.

Do moderators have Terms of Use and Community Guidelines they must follow? 2017-12-31T14:47:29-08:00

Yes. The moderators must follow the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines set for moderators who sign up to host support groups. The moderators are there to assure for best support group experience, meaning that:

  1. Members stay on group topic during their support group sessions.
  2. Members follow the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines for registered members.
  3. The group is the right fit for all members.
Can I join with family members or friends? 2018-01-15T09:39:00-08:00

We discourage members from joining support groups with other family members and friends. Traditionally, and in most support group settings, it is best for family members and friends to attend different support groups. This assures maximum comfort for the member and other members of the group. All support group conversations and discussions need to be kept confidential among the group members.

Can members have relationships with other members outside of the support group sessions? 2017-12-28T14:22:49-08:00

We discourage members from creating relationships outside of their group sessions.

Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any other questions that we haven’t addressed. Thank you.


aGroupForME provides moderated, tailored, scheduled support group sessions online. We are NOT a social sharing site.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We don’t sell your personal information or data without your direct consent.

We tailor groups to your specific needs so that you are only connected to those who share the same issues and concerns.

Online support groups connect on a scheduled, ongoing basis.

Join from anywhere, on any device.  We encourage all members to  join from a private area.

Moderators are vetted and assigned to host the support groups to make sure the members:

  • Are the right fit for the group
  • Stay on group topic
  • Follow our terms of use and community guidelines

To further improve your group experience all groups are limited to  10-12 members at any one time.  A limited group size allows for all members the opportunity to participate during their online support group sessions.

Online support groups offer you the opportunity to connect to others, feel less alone and gain better ways of managing, coping and dealing with life challenges and difficulties.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build the most trusted online support group community where everyone can get the right support at a place that works best for them.

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