How To Let Go of a Cheating Partner

  • How To Let Go of a Cheating Partner

Having a partner that betrayed you is horrible. It leaves you feeling betrayed, sad, hurt, angry, or that there is something wrong with you. It can also affect the way you trust or entrust others in your life, and possibly others you meet in the future. The first thing to know is that when a partner cheats, it’s about them and NOT ABOUT YOU. There is something that they are missing, needing and wanting.

There is nothing normal or excusable about a person needing to betray, lie and cheat instead of being able to address their needs, wants, and whatever else that made them cause so much pain for all parties involved. It’s totally irresponsible of them.

Here are 4 keys ways of getting over a cheating partner:

1. Taking Responsibility for your own life, your own needs, wants and all else that you Deserve.

Take the focus off your cheating partner and put it onto YOU. Take care of your mind and body.

2. Love Yourself First

Avoid self-sabotaging negativity. In the short term, it may feel relieving; in the long term it makes you miserable. Practice self love to ease your pain.

3. Remember That Tomorrow, The Sun Will Come Out Now Matter What

The days go on, despite the chaos.

4. Join a Support Group

The emotional stress of your situation can be eased with social support. With aGroupforME, you can join an online, video-chat based support group for people with your exact needs. From the convenience and comfort of your home, you can attend regularly scheduled meetings and express your struggles to those who can empathize. Meetings are intimate, with just 8-10 members, and led by a vetted moderator.’s platform makes getting support easy and convenient.

5. Focus on the Near Future

Focus on the next most important thing you need to do to feel better and be effective in your own life.

Oprah’s thoughts on coping for women:

I began to realize that in order to be most effective, I had to be extremely focused on using my time, my concern, my resources and my compassion to uplift a generation of courageous women who own themselves and know their strength.

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